NHL Predictions

We are no longer updating this NHL Predictions website, but you can find all of our NHL picks over at The Sports Geek with the games covered by Kyle during the hockey season!

The 2015 NHL season is back and we’re ready for another profitable season here at NHLPredictions.org.

This year I (Kevin) will be emailing out picks to members, while Brent will be providing the free NHL picks almost daily. These predictions are all based around betting on the games, so we will be covering usually only one or two hockey games per night looking for value in the betting odds.

You can find Brent’s most recent MLB picks on the right hand side of the page.

About NHLPredictions.org

We give out NHL predictions for those people looking to wager on the games.  Our goal is to profit as much as we can over the course of the season, so we only pick games where we find value.

Brent is a huge hockey fan growing up in Canada and playing the game himself.  He follows the action nightly, which often includes watching multiple games in a night.  Knowing which teams are playing well even if they aren’t winning is huge for betting success, and that is one key advantage Brent has gained by watching so much hockey.

His picks and predictions include a lot of money line predictions (straight up picking winners of the games) but also will include some puck line wagers, regulation time bets, and over/under or total wagers.

Each NHL pick released will be rated 1 unit to keep things easy.  1 unit refers to 1% of your NHL betting bankroll. For example if you had $500 in your bankroll you would be betting $5 for each 1 unit bet.

We also recommend risking 1 unit on both underdogs and favorites.  If the team is -110 instead of risking 1.10 units to win 1.00 unit we recommend risking 1.00 unit to win 0.91 units.  And if the team was +130 odds you would still risk 1.00 unit to win 1.30 units.  This ensures you are risking the exact same dollar value on all picks.

Here is a quick guide on the types of NHL betting:

Moneyline betting – This is simply picking which team will win the game.  It doesn’t matter if they win in regulation, overtime or shootout – as long as they win the game you will cash your bet.  Of course picking underdogs will payout more money, and can get as high as the +300 range.

Puck line betting – This is picking either the favorite to win by 2 or more goals, or the underdog to lose by 1 goal or win the game.  The odds will increase here for favorites, which makes it a good play if you don’t want to eat the chalk on a mid size favorite.  It also allows you to take big underdogs that you think will keep it close or even maybe win the game at a good price.

Regulation bet – Brent sometimes picks teams -0.5 in regulation.  This means they must win the game in regulation and if it goes to overtime or they lose in regulation your bet is a loser.  This is sometimes a solid way to bet on favorites because the odds will be better.  Instead of betting a favorite at -160 you could choose them to win in regulation and get them at -110 for example.

Total betting – Often referred to as over/under betting, this type of NHL wagering is picking how many goals will be scored in total by both teams in the hockey game.  The sportsbooks will set a line, with the most common being 5.5, and you have to pick if there will be more or less than 5.5 total goals.  If you pick over 5.5 a combination of 6+ goals would win, while 5 or fewer would lose.