Line Shopping

Line Shopping is extremely important for anyone betting on NHL games, or any sports betting for that matter. If you are unsure what Line Shopping is watch the video posted below, or read my explanation found below the video. If you want to become a winning sports bettor over the longrun you will need to be using Line Shopping when placing wagers!

Watch the What Is Line Shopping Video on Youtube

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What is Line Shopping?

Each online sportsbook has their own betting lines or odds for each NHL game.

Basically Line Shopping consists of looking through the lines of each online sportsbook and finding the best line on the game that you want to bet on.

A lot of bettors have an account at just one online sports betting site, with their entire sports betting bankroll at that sportsbook. What you will need to do when Line Shopping is spread your bankroll between at least 3 different sportsbooks (see recommended list above).

Every time you find a bet you like you will want to open up a new tab in your internet browser for each online sportsbook you have an account for. Compare all of the lines for that selection, and place your bet at the sportsbook that is giving you the best price for the bet.

For example, if you are betting on the Leafs to win tonight you might have them at +140 at your sportsbook. But if you are line shopping you might find that another sportsbook has the Leafs listed at +145, while a third has them listed at +150.

Although sometimes the difference in lines might be small, it quickly adds up. Every dollar counts when you are betting on sports for a profit. If you want to become a winning bettor you need to shop for the best odds!

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