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NHL Predictions

The NHL season is back, and this time we get a full 82 game season! If you haven't followed my website in past NHL season, my name is Kevin and I provide NHL picks with write ups here on a daily basis throughout the hockey season. For this season I've hired Kyle to join the team and provide his picks as well. Kyle is a very sharp bettor who I've followed for a few years now, and I'm glad to have him onboard. We look to have a great winning and profitable 2013-2014 NHL season with our picks.

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Kevin's Picks

2 Star Picks = 70-82-1
4 Star Picks = 10-6-0

+/- Units YTD = -22.99 Units

Olympic Hockey = 3-2 +3.61 Units

Kyle's Picks

2 Star Picks = 37-42-1
4 Star Picks = 4-3-0

+/- Units YTD = -10.49 Units

Olympic Hockey = 2-0 +3.56 Units

NHL Daily Picks Articles

NHL Betting Strategy

Having been betting on sports for numerous years (with my main focus on NHL hockey) I have become a pretty “savvy” NHL bettor. I have read sports betting strategy books and articles and had one on one talks with some professional sports bettors. Below I will share with you some NHL betting strategies that if […]