NHL Betting Strategy

Having been betting on sports for numerous years (with my main focus on NHL hockey) I have become a pretty “savvy” NHL bettor. I have read sports betting strategy books and articles and had one on one talks with some professional sports bettors. Below I will share with you some NHL betting strategies that if followed will make you smarter than probably 95% of NHL bettors.

#1 NHL Betting Strategy = Straight Bets Over Parlays

Many NHL bettors have the mind set of betting parlays over straight bets because of the big payouts. Quickly for those who don’t know what a parlay is, it is when you combine multiple bets and in order for you to win the bet you must get all selections correct. The odds are multiplied giving bigger payouts, which is usually why beginner or square bettors can’t resist betting big parlays.

If you want to become a winning NHL bettor you will need to ditch parlays for the most part and stick with straight bets. It is tough enough predicting outcomes in NHL games, and having to pick multiple correct selections in order to win your bet can drain your bankroll pretty quickly. See money management below for more information on this.

#2 NHL Betting Strategy = Shop For The Best Lines

I won’t get into much detail about this because I have an article (with video) titled What is Line Shopping, but I will give a quick intro to it because it’s an important NHL betting strategy.

When you are betting on NHL hockey or any sports for that matter you will want to have accounts at a handful of NHL betting sites. Before placing each bet you should open up a new tab in your browser and sign into each betting site and compare the betting lines for your selection. Each betting site has different lines for the NHL games and this will give you the best odds to win money over the long run.

#3 NHL Betting Strategy = Money Management

In order to be a winning NHL bettor you need to have strict money management. When I say that I mean that you will need to keep track of your bets and know your bankroll at all times. Many casual bettors will often log into their betting accounts and just randomly make a bunch of bets for the night’s action. If you want to profit betting on the NHL you will need to take things more seriously than that.

Each bet you place should be between 1-5% of your bankroll. Your bankroll is the amount of money you have to bet with. For example if your NHL betting bankroll is $1000 then you would be betting between $10 and $50 on each straight bet you place.

No matter how much you like a bet sharp sports betting strategy suggests that you never risk more than 5% of your bankroll. We all know that anything can happen in sports, and the last thing you want is half of your bankroll drained from one pick. Stick to a strict NHL bankroll management system for your bets and you will increase your chances of becoming a profitable NHL bettor!