New 2011-2012 Picks System


Hey everyone, and welcome back to the 2011-2012 NHL season.

Since the end of last season I’ve just been waiting for NHL hockey to resume again – I love it. ¬†We are going to crush the bookies this year just like we did last season!

Here is a recap of how the 2010-2011 season went for us:

Season Free Pick Record = 177-171-4 (includes underdogs)
Game of Week Picks (GOW) = 14-7
Game of Month Picks (GOM) = 4-2
Playoff Series Picks = 4-0
+/- Units YTD = +41.42 Units

As you can see we did the daily picks which were 1 units, and then had the GOW which were 3 units, and the GOM which was 5 units.

This season I am doing something a little different that I think will help us profit even more….

Instead of calling my plays “game of the week” and “game of the month” picks I am switching it up so I am not limited – I will be releasing the big plays whenever I find enough value in a pick… doesn’t matter if I have 0 or 20 within a month… if I find value I am releasing the pick with a higher rating.

The 1 star or 1 unit plays are going to be posted up on the blog for everyone to see for free, while the 5 Star picks are for clients only.

The 5 Star picks are how I usually make my money handicapping any sport, and I highly recommend you join us.

Click here to get my 5 Star picks for the entire season…

Look forward to starting up with at least one pick tomorrow!



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