NHL Picks for April 15th


A nice UNDERDOG winner last night!

We were on the Sabres at a very generous +140 line and cashed in as Buffalo beat the Flyers 1-0 in Philadelphia.  I am pretty confident I was right, and that should be the highest line we see on the Sabres this series.  They even took a huge jump to -150 series favorites after the win.

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On to tonight’s underdog play..

NHL Betting Picks for Friday, April 15th:

New York Rangers @ Washington Capitals – RANGERS TO WIN (+150)

The Capitals took game 1 between these two teams in overtime with a 2-1 win.  In my opinion Ovechkin’s goal to tie it at 1-1 should not have counted and the Rangers could have squeaked out with another Game 1 win in Washington to start the series.  Despite an overtime game in game 1 and the Rangers taking 3 of 4 against the Caps in the regular season we are still seeing the Caps pretty heavily favored.  As has been made clear very early on in these playoffs, goaltending is a huge part of winning (see: Carey Price and Ryan Miller).  Henrik Lundqvist can steal any game and I wouldn’t be surprised if it came tonight to even things up heading back to New York.  Washington is getting too much credit with the line set where it is, and this is a value underdog play for me tonight.  Take the Rangers on the moneyline.

Good Luck tonight and leave your comments below!


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  1. Kevin,

    Just out of curiousity, why do you feel the goal shouldn’t have counted? The puck was loose, went in before the net came off its moorings, Lundqvist was not pushed into the goal…

    As always, thanks for your picks!


  2. Yes, I am with Doug. Also, the chances were heavily lopsided in Washington’s favour. They may have lucked out there, but the rangers AND lundqvist also lucked out a few times. Several posts and crossbars seemed to make the difference. I agree with you that the line is a little too heavy on the Caps side but that doesnt mean the Rangers will win. Either way good luck to you today Kev. Nice call on the buffalo win last night!

  3. Thanks for the pick Kevin. I’m on Tampa Bay over the Penguins. In line with your series pick I like Tampa to win at Pittsburgh today.

  4. @Doug – I missed the better part of the third period of that game, and just was going off a quick replay and reading about it. From what they showed I thought the ref had the thought of blowing the whistle, which is what they go by (not the actual whistle sound).

    @Adam – Regarding “but that doesn’t mean the Rangers will win”… I know my bets are going to lose sometimes, I just try to find positive expected value.