NHL Picks for December 23rd


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Picked up another WINNER yesterday with the Jets beating Montreal 4-0.

That makes me 7-1 over my last 8 picks.

Lets keep this going with 3 picks going tonight in our last night of NHL hockey before boxing day (December 26th).

All 1 unit plays and no write ups today as I am busy with holiday stuff (sorry)…

Tampa Bay Lightning @ Colorado Avalanche – AVALANCHE TO WIN (-120)

(note: I’m risking 1.20 units to win 1 unit)

Calgary Flames @ Vancouver Canucks – CANUCKS TO WIN IN REGULATION (-150)

**I know some people will ask what this means (this is my third regulation play this season).  Depending which sportsbook you use it will either be listed as “(1st 60 minutes)” or “NHL Regulation Time”.  5Dimes has it listed with the other selections (no reduced juice), Pinnacle you have to choose regulation time in the NHL menu, and SportsInteraction you have to click “more betting” on the game and you’ll see regulation time.**

(note: I’m risking 1.50 units to win 1 unit)

Los Angeles Kings @ San Jose Sharks – SHARKS TO WIN (-168)

(note: I’m risking 1.68 units to win 1 unit)

I would love to finish off with a sweep before Christmas.

If I don’t get another post out – Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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  1. Hello i need some tips.

    I can win 5000 bugs..

    I need the prediction of this games..
    You have to say
    home win , road win , or draw (in regulartime)

    1 Boston – Florida
    2 New Jersey – Washington
    3 NY Islanders – Toronto
    4 NY Rangers – Philadelphia
    5 Carolina – Ottawa
    6 Winnipeg – Pittsburgh
    7 Dallas – Nashville
    8 Colorado – Tampa Bay
    9 Phoenix – St Louis
    10 Vancouver – Calgary
    11 San Jose – Los Angeles

    Please let me know !

  2. No promises John, I’m just gonna take a stab in the dark…

    1 Road
    2 Home
    3 Home
    4 Home
    5 Draw
    6 Road
    7 Home
    8 Home
    9 Drawish / Roadish
    10 Draw
    11 Home

    I like quite a few underdogs tonight and my reasoning is questionable, you can call me a skeptic but I foresee some upsetting results due to the lack of soccer events this day and of course no major underdog wins for quite some time now. Best of luck!

  3. 20 run 0-1 down 1.20 units. I am picking one game a night for next 20 bets and reporting my record in real time.

    Tonight like

    Ottawa-Carolina over 5 1/2 -120

    I have always been a big fan of spread betting. go 2-1 and we make money only way to get hurt is to lose all 3 but with picking favorites that sho8uld not happen nearly as much as the 3-0

  4. Delq, you’re not helping haha
    These pick aren’t great.. i actually was ask some people who actually really follow every nhl game, cause im from europe i just know some things.. i dont know anyone personally every team or every player..


    Pretty sure 😉

  5. Well John let’s recap what happened last night…

    I know my picks were not great, but I rarely play 3 ways, on the Money Line I got 9 out of 11 right, I knew from the start that florida was a long long shot and my twitter sources gave me an innaccurate line-up, I saw the Islanders game and they were awfuly tired so their loss was somehow justified, the other games, I managed to bag all of them including a Calgary ml of +250.

    So next time you tell me Vancouver Sharks Colorado Winnipeg
    Philly or Washington are pretty sure in regulation… think again.