NHL Picks for December 26th


Hope you enjoyed your Christmas!  I had a great time and won’t be doing any write ups today as I have another family Christmas going on this afternoon.

We finished off the December 23rd picks with another winning night with two of the games being decided in extra time.  Lets keep going with the winning picks right from where we left off…

Anaheim Ducks @ San Jose Sharks – SHARKS TO WIN IN REGULATION (-138)

(Note: I’m risking 1.38 units to win 1 unit)

**I know some people will ask what this means (this is my fourth regulation play this season).  Depending which sportsbook you use it will either be listed as “(1st 60 minutes)” or “NHL Regulation Time”.  5Dimes has it listed with the other selections (no reduced juice), Pinnacle you have to choose regulation time in the NHL menu, and SportsInteraction you have to click “more betting” on the game and you’ll see regulation time.**

Detroit Red Wings @ Nashville Predators – PREDATORS TO WIN (+128)

(Note: I’m risking 1 unit to win 1.28 units)

New Jersey Devils @ Carolina Hurricanes – DEVILS TO WIN (-113)

(Note: I’m risking 1.13 units to win 1 unit)

Good Luck tonight!


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  1. man, for the first time i’m with you on all 3 picks. anaheim is bad, detroit sucks on road and devils are much better with hedberg in goal than shaky carolina defence

  2. 20 run now 0-2 down – 2.4 units

    Tonight like two games both 1 unit plays

    Islanders-Rangers under 5 +1.25

    Devils -109 Reduced win over Hurricanes

    Also like Missouri -7 over North Carolina in the bowl and i missed it cause of the early start

    Also like over in NFL NO-ATl over 56 + 125


  3. Okay enough is enough Montreal are having an awful year we all no that, But i’m pick’em them tonight to win against Ottawa,I got Pittsburg as a win tonight as well, Florida-Toronto ,Colorado – Winnipeg Both these games i’ll take the under 5.5 goals.