NHL Picks for February 4th (GOW!)


2 for 2 last night, as we hit both total plays!  The Preds and Flyers fell UNDER the total, and the Wild and Avs hit the OVER with 7 goals scored.

On top of the perfect night here I also hit another winner on the Bruins with the Sports Picks King system… the system has been great with NHL picks since being released.

Tonight I only have one pick and it is my Game of the Week (GOW) Pick!!

If you are not signed up to receive the GOW picks you will need to click here to sign up for free.

Signing up is just entering your name and your email and I will email you the GOW/GOM pick around once a week when it comes up.  These picks are how I make my money betting the NHL each year, as I increase my units on these plays that have been hitting 71% on the season (and consistently over 66% over the last few NHL seasons.)

NHL Betting Picks for Friday, February 4th:

Again like mentioned above, no pick for the blog tonight – but I do have my NHL game of the week pick going.  So if you haven’t already signed up for my exclusive NHL picks please do so now by clicking on the button below.  Tonight’s play is in a 7:30 PM EST game.


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  1. Guess what Kevin?
    Did not receive the GOW. I even put you in my contacts…
    Thank you for sending it again.

  2. Susane, that is very strange. We have been having some problems with hotmail emails and it not getting through, but I can see you are not using hotmail.

    Please email me at the email listed on the bottom of my site here and I will send you the pick.

  3. @Francisco – Because you just signed up you should receive a welcome email which will include the pick in it. Check your junk mail if you don’t see the email.

    Cheers and good luck.

  4. In fact, the mail was in junk mail.

    I just see a pick, a game. Is it right?

    Thanks you Kevin! Anoche I started to follow in your picks an win 2/2 !!

  5. I guess I will pass on today’s. Cannot send any messages. Receive them o.k., but cannot send. Will have to contact the provider.

  6. Francisco – Yup, just one pick for tonight.

    Susane – I will email you from my personal account and see if it goes through, let me know.

  7. Pick Score
    New Jersey – Florida .NJ – 4-2
    Pitssburgh – Buffalo .Pens – 3-1
    Tampa – Washington .Tampa- 3-0
    Vancouver – Chicago .Van – 4-1

    good luck ! 😉