NHL Picks for January 13th


Tough 1 unit loss last night.  Bobrovsky played great in net to the lead the Flyers to a win, but our two other plays didn’t come through. We had the Nashville Predators in regulation, who won in overtime (but had multiple scoring chances within the last 6 minutes of the game to win in regulation). We also had the Ducks as decent +130 underdogs who lost 1-0 in overtime.  Really close to being a nice night, but ended up -1 unit – no complaints.

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With only 5 NHL games on the board tonight it is rare for me to have 3 plays going like I do…lets have a good night.

Also I should let you know I won’t have write ups for the picks, as I am taking my dog to the vet here in about 30 minutes (just some problems with his “stool” and hoping he’s fine — hes acting fine, just want to be sure).  If I get back in enough time I will add some write ups to the plays at the blog.

Toronto Maple Leafs @ Buffalo Sabres – MAPLE LEAFS TO WIN (+102)

(Note: I’m risking 1 unit to win 1.02 units)

Pittsburgh Penguins @ Florida Panthers – PANTHERS TO WIN (-119)

(Note: I’m risking 1.19 units to win 1 unit)

Phoenix Coyotes @ Columbus Blue Jackets – UNDER 5.5 GOALS (-135)

(Note: I’m risking 1.35 units to win 1 unit)


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  1. My first 20 run ended 8-12 down – 3.98 units

    Last night was last bet went for Bruins – 1 1/2 goals and they led the whole game 2-0 missed a ton of chance ot get the third goal thne gave up a late one to cost me the win.

    This was a very valuable exercies and I will encourage everyone who wants to learn how to bet on their own to do this.

    We all play the game of “I know i woulda bet that one and won” but until u actually start trying to look over a big board of games and put down exactly what you would bet and also exactly “How” you will bet it becomes a whole new ball of wax.

    looking back i learned a lot from this first attempt. Moving lines is a very hard game. I did win some moved line bets but I also lost much more then i won by going for regulation wins and -1 1/2 or -1 goal lines to get better odds.

    The bookies are not giving a line of -140 to win and +140 at -1 1/2 goals cause they like you. Every night there are teams that win by 2 or more goals but actually predicting which ones will win by two verus jsut who will win is very hard. Same for prediciting wins in regulation.

    Taking today off will be back ith a new run starting Saturday


  2. betting is a mugs game, there are no certainties and you never see a poor bookie…we all play with the idea of winning loads, all you are doing is taking a chance, exactly what the odds say, even if they are odds on fav, your still, potentianly going to loose…..however, i love it, i love these people how try to beat the system, doesnt happen, if they could beat the system why would they be selling their tips here, surely they would just bet loads and win loads, no rather they take our money and bet nothing, only on the fact we are greedy and gullible…still, exciting all the same, heres to an empty bank account

  3. Toronto, Anaheim on the line, and I love the Phoenix under. All 1 unit picks, and with an additional unit on a parlay. Not something to do often, but I’m into the dogs tonight. Cheers!