NHL Picks for March 4th


A 2-1 night for some nice profits as we hit our +150 underdog with the Lightning winning in Carolina. ¬†Our other underdog pick on Colorado didn’t come through, but we went with the Kings over Anaheim who won 4-2 with the empty netter.

Just one play here Sunday night…

Colorado Avalanche @ Minnesota Wild – AVALANCHE TO WIN (-110)
(Note: I’m risking 1.10 units to win 1 unit)


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  1. A 2-1 night with our only loss coming from Canucks, who lost 5-3 to Sabres. It was hard to comeback after they have conceded 3 goals in the first 5 minutes of the game. I have the same pick as kevin for today.

    Avalanche to Win (-110)

  2. Is this on regulation? Because -110 is according to my odds calculator equivalent to 1.91 in European odds, and my bookie gives 2.45, which seems suspiciously high as it usually gives lower odds compared to other bookies.

  3. Great work Aditya! Tonight I trusted you and got lots of money!! with Phoenix Suns -5,5 from NBA! hehe

  4. Haha Shrek.

    A 1-0 night as the Avalanche won 2-0 against the Wild. I’ll be back with a play or 2 once kevin posts his picks.

  5. aditya,
    just wondering, when you make your plays what sort of process do you go through. the reason i continue to trust kevin is because of his lengthy, seemingly well thought out write-ups, but you are having a greater success rate then he is. so 2 things,
    1. can you talk about how you make your picks
    2. do you have your record from the last week, 2weeks etc.


  6. Yes I do have a record. In my last 2 weeks, I have gone 17-8. Yes I know that I don’t have write ups but my process is to look at past records of the team. How they have played against a certain team. Who are the starting goalies. Mostly, my picks rely on the starting goalies. For Example: If the goalie is Lundqvist, then surely most of the times I m going with Rangers. Sometimes I go with my gut feeling.

    My december record is 100-72, January record 70-67, February 50-38. I have saved all my picks on my phone and then I keep the record of it on a daily basis. The main reason for this is that I want to see how I am doing, because for the next season I want to start my own site also.

  7. Hey Aditya, remember record means nothing without units won/lost.

    You can go 100-60 and still have lost money.

    Have you kept track of units +??

  8. I m +36 units so far because I started in December and hit quite a number of underdog winners.

  9. And there has been times when I have put a unit on Puck Line, so that mostly boost up ur units.

  10. Just an error on my part of things, I am +26 units not +36 so far for this season of NHL.