NHL Picks for May 5th (GOM!)


Back with a GAME OF THE MONTH play today.

I am a perfect 4-0 on the season, and am not about to ruin that perfect record tonight.  We have our money in good with another GOM play.


If you haven’t signed up already just click on the link above.  I send out the exclusive GOW/GOW plays for FREE through email.

This big plays comes in tonight’s only NHL games between the Vancouver Canucks and the Nashville Predators.

Good Luck!


PS – If you haven’t received the play in your email and you are signed up please check your junk mail.  If it isn’t in there please email me if you want the play.


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  1. John Anthony on

    Hey Kevin !
    noo man I won !!
    I played Detroit – San Jose over and San Jose win
    I played Boston win and i was hesitating about over or under ..but i took the over because it was a all or nothing game !
    did you watched the match ? 2-0 after a minut !
    soo a good day again !! 4 out of 4 today and i won a lot of money !
    soo now i’m 6 out of 6. I still got my 100 percent score
    And I want to keep it !
    I will keep posting my picks.
    the game of tonight.. i will share my pick later

    Greetz from John Anthony 😉
    The Million Dollar Man

  2. When i will have some luck? 🙁

    My account ballance is at the minimum….Hope that todays under will be good,becouse i am putting all of my money….

  3. John Anthony on

    Kevin Whats the pick ??
    I didnt got a email again.. sometimes i receive them sometimes not..
    I want to know what you think about the game..
    I will share my pick later on

    John Anthony

  4. John you rock dude! I’ve being taking your picks.. and winning! thanks! hopefully you can help me some more!

  5. John you can email me.

    Arnolds… it will come buddy stick with it and bet conservatively. 5% of my bankroll is on tonight’s game.

  6. John Anthony on

    Kevin i have send you a email.

    No worry Arnold it will be ok 😉 I recommend not to put all your money in ! never do that.

    Tim no problem man, any time 😉 my pick for tonight will be

    nash-van under 5.5 and vancouver
    I will tell you why the under because Rinne and Luongo are 2 great goalies !! and vancouver is a great team !
    if its gonna be a draw the vancouver will win for sure in overtime/penalty but i think this will be a low scoring game with vancouver comes out as the winner the score will be
    nashville – vancouver 1-3 or 1-4

    kevin can you tell me if Rinne and Luongo both will be the goalies tonight ? or someone else knows ? where can i see the confirmation..

    Greetz from John Anthony 😉
    The Million Dollar Man

  7. John Anthony on

    I want to share something with you guys…
    something tells me its gonna be 1-3 for vancouver
    soo it will be a under but i played also for the correct score and it will be 1-3 canucks

    Greetz from John Anthony 😉
    The Million Dollar Man

  8. John Anthony on

    man man man
    two last seconds goals in the first round
    and the worse of all with 2-3 for vancouver sedin scores
    soo its goes over !!!! unbelievble
    it cost me big time stupid sedin !
    otherwise i still got my 100 procent score
    now i have 7 out of 8

    talk you later guys !

    John Anthony