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  1. hello kev soo far im very glad that i didnt purchase 5 star picks and i think u own us one 5 star pick for freee 😉 with alll bad bets…. just i think it would be fair n nice…
    hope the thing willl go 180 from now!!!! good luck!!!!

  2. And Mario you don’t need to put money on his picks 🙂 the good picks would come back I believe in kev 😉

  3. mario you want free 5 star while i paid and being hosed, get real! more like refund and nfl ain’t so hot either.

  4. Lost a lot last few week … I follow all the kevin pick this year … hope we can get back on track soon … Hope he can find some good 5 stars in a row like last year and put thing back to even…

  5. Phoenix did well it went under 5.5 the los angeles game is looking good so far there up 3-0 i think 5.5 under is a lock

  6. Hey guy give Kevin some slack I know He has herd lot’s right now!!!!Thing’s will pick up,Keep up the hard work and it will come Kev!!!Cheers!