NHL Picks for November 8th (GOW!)


Like I mentioned in the last email I am now releasing “Game of the Week” (GOW) and “Game of the Month” (GOM) picks to 5 Star Clients. The GOW will be 3 Star picks, while the GOM will be the 5 Star picks.

I did this last year and had a lot of success with it, so I’m going to switch back to what had worked.

My first GOW play of the year is today and has been sent out to clients!

Good luck guys


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  1. Hey kevin
    I was wondering if it is possible to just by your GOW pick for a cheaper price? I would like to see you 3 and 5 star picks before I go purchase the monthly subscription.

  2. com’on kevin GOW i’d give it to detroit tonight ,of all the teams playing they have the best chances of winning. Calgary is up there to under 5.5 goals

  3. Fredrik (from sweden) on

    Hi. Writing from Sweden. What i have seen you havnt been that successfull lately, which of course can happen to anyone. I was thinking of buying a membership but i want to ask you and your members…. Is it really worth it right now when it is going like this?

    Best regards

  4. @Mathias – No, sorry I just do the yearly membership. Sorry again.

    @Fredrik – Well the best time to get on would be the bottom, and I believe this is the bottom. I will say that buying picks is for medium to big bettors mainly. Small bettors can gain knowledge from the write ups and picks though.

    Would love to see you both join us… the season is not even a quarter finished!

  5. Hey Kevin ! What do you thing about the Wild tonight. They played well last few games. Backstrom is always very good against his division rivals and Kiprusoff is not that good against the Wild. I know flames playing well last couple of game but just wanna know if you have time what do you thing about this one.

  6. I have your premium picks but I did NOT receive the email with the pick. What happened? Can you email it again?

  7. Calgary – Minnesota Under 5.5 1,52
    NJ Devils – Carolina Over 4.5 1,62
    Washington – Dallas Over 5.5 1,85
    Detroit – Colorado Over 5.5 1,86
    Buffalo – Winnipeg Winnipeg Jets +1.5 1,59

    This are my picks , I’m really confident about them 😉

    Good luck tonight guys !

  8. Assuming Lehtonen 93.6% save and 2.14 GAA starts and Neuvirth 90.2% save and 2.96 GAA starts. We know that Capitals PK is 78.6% against a good road team and one that has dominated the east. I believe neither team will have trouble scoring but based on good goal keeping and a couple of other things, this game looks to favor Dallas today. I could be out of my mind, but i like tossing around ideas.

  9. I think Neuvirth will have his work cut out for him today because the last time he played Carolina, an aniemic team. Wish luck to everyone! We all need it!

  10. Hi phil i think the Same. My picks today.
    Buffalo over
    Leafs over
    Dallas over
    Davils over
    Detroit over
    Montreal win
    Chicago win
    Minnesota win
    Nashville win

    Will see what’s good what’s bad ^^

  11. Guys i need some help If you could pick
    Leafs win – panthers win/draw
    Blues win – Chicago win/draw
    Kings win – predators win/draw
    All puckline. Witch would be the better pick and witch team?
    Thx for your help.

  12. Fredrik (from sweden) on

    my picks for today is:

    BUF Sabres win draw no bet and in the same game under 5.5 goals.

    and then edmonton to win with 4 – 2.

    over and out. Good night (11:15 PM in sweden)

  13. I’m looking to bet on Edmonton and Minnesota

    With Hemsky and Barker back for the Oilers …i’m confident that they have a good chance to win this one. Montréal always struggle against young Oilers. I thing the only man who can beat the Oilers tonight is Price and his last perfomance was bad against rangers …

    Wild have win 10 of last 13 contest against Flames and last 3 … Backstrom back in the net have to prove he is the number one… Flames have won 4 of last 6

    What do you thing ?

  14. yes i have bet on over 4.5 on unibet.com
    I think also over 5.5 but i prefer to play safe and take the 4.5

    I think all my bets will be correct and even in the worst but really the worst scenario i get 4 out of 5 tonight !

    I think winnipeg will win tonight but i prefer to play safe
    Just like the 4.5 on devils
    The detroit and the dallas game will be both over 5.5 for sure !

  15. not a hockey pick (If I was gr8 at Hockey, I would not be paying for someone elses picks lol)

    Tonight I really like the over 70 +120, (moved line) on the Western Michigan-Toledo game. Also think WMU has a great chance to cover and maybe even win outright. Toledo will have hangover from crushing 63-60 loss last weekend that ended there chance for winning their half of the league.

    Just ask U-Conn Huskies from Connecticut and Big East what WMU is like when they gets rolling


  16. Can’t believe my parley pick of the 5 over picks failed cause of 1 missing goal of jerseys game :-S

  17. Fredrik (from sweden) on

    Cant believe the scores in buffalo game… both teams have scored that much only in like 3 of 12 matches. Insane.

  18. then i will send you a link of registration with bonus .

    5 out of 5 guys ! and i even didnt share st.louis en oilers !

  19. I thing i’m gonna put more confident on my pick .. yesterday I want to pick EDM and MIN but friend of mine tell me that this is not good pick so i choose game of the week for a 3-0 lost …………