NHL Picks for November 9th


My underdog pick on the Blackhawks was another loser last night. I don’t think I could be this bad with my picks even if I tried.  I don’t know what is going on… I’ve never been down even close to this much % of my bankroll on NHL hockey before.  With that said I want to really stress how important bankroll management is.  Right now we are down just over 27% of our bankrolls (example: if you had a $1,000 bankroll you’d be down to $730 and if you had a $10,000 bankroll you’d be down to $7,300).  Despite all of the losing picks lately if you’ve follow the basic money management we don’t have to panic.

I am going to step back and change a few things, be patient and continue to stick to betting just 1% of your bankroll on these plays or just sit back and watch without betting anything on my picks until I turn it around.

I am sticking with an underdog again tonight…

Nashville Predators @ Anaheim Ducks – PREDATORS TO WIN (+111)

(Note: I’m risking 1 unit to win 1.11 units)

The Predators are coming off a 4-3 loss last night in Los Angeles, which comes after previously winning 4 of their last 5 games.  Tonight’s game in Anaheim is their 5th and final game of their road trip and the Predators look to finish it off 3-2 with a win tonight.  Nashville is 7-5-2 on the season.  Anaheim returns home after a brutal 7 game road trip where they went just 1-6.  The Ducks have lost 5 straight games, and 8 of their last 9, making them 5-6-3 on the year.  On the season the Ducks are averaging just 1.9 goals per game, while allowing 2.71 goals against per game.  Nashville has enjoyed 6 straight games of scoring 3 or more goals, and has increased their goals per game to 2.7 coming into tonight.  With the night off last night Pekka Rinne should be between the pipes tonight.  He is 7-4-2 with a 2.33 GAA and .929 SV %.  Lifetime against the Ducks Rinne has enjoyed a lot of succes, with a 7-2-2 record and 1.95 GAA.  The Predators will most likely be without David Legwand, but should get Sergei Kostitsyn back tonight.  In net for the Ducks will most likely be Jonas Hiller, who is just 4-5-3 with a 2.85 GAA and .902 SV% on the season.   In their last 5 games the Ducks are averaging 3.40 goals against, while only scoring 1.20 goals per game.  Coming off of a long road trip is hard enough for a team, but coming off a road trip as bad as the Ducks went through will be even tougher to get up for tonight’s game. One of those games on Anaheim’s road trip was against Nashville, who they lost to 3-0.  Nashville has taken 7 of these two teams last 9 meetings, which includes the first round series win in last years postseason.  The Ducks are in a bad spot for tonight’s game and I look for Nashville to continue their succes against Anaheim with Rinne leading the way with another solid outing against the Ducks.  Take the Preds as a very live underdog.



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  1. Drap your being a bit harsh … No one is putting a gun to your head and making you bet .. Last year kev was bang on but I think everyone can agree tgAt every game is all over the map !!

  2. Agreed. Too many offseason and late season exchanges have left the beginning of this season hard to decifer. For me thou, I think staying away from games that involved team make-overs could be beneficial until later in the season. Case and point could include todays game FLYERS/LIGHTNING.

  3. The only thing I don’t like is having to pay this year for picks .. Because they are preditions I don’t think that’s cool .. But at Tge same time that’s my choice to not do it !!

  4. Although, one could say that Roloson has faired well against the FLYERS all last season and if he is in for today, then his team is well rested and should make a good defensive stance against a high powered offense. Which brings to mind, that the FLYERS in many cases concentrate on their offense so much that their defense is nowhere to be found. The JAGR/GIROUX lines are ridiculous, but none of that will make any difference if the defense isn’t there.

  5. I typically make my own picks based on my own research. If its a crap shoot anyway, the wouldn’t you feel better knowing you lost your own way than someone else’s way.

  6. I do like reading the commentary on the games here. The reasoning for the pick is important and at least gives you an idea of how K is thinking at that moment. Much of what I’ve read, I found to be insitful and well organized. There have been many times I’ve used his knowledge to complete a parlay. I say 60/40 to the good. Although, have been times too, that I’m total disagreement what he had to offer for some of the games this season. Either, he dismissed something or downplayed a tactical advantage, or something to that effect. Much of this research has very illusive qualities to it. I like to refer to it as a skeleton hidden in a closet waiting to rear it’s ugly face at you.

  7. too many people loved that Philly-Tampa over 5 1/2 tonight.

    Its same in every sport when the bandwagon gets that full u just know it won’t work

    Some of the best handicapping advice I ever got was “If it looks to easy it usually is.”

  8. The best gambling advice I ever got was .. Go hard or go home!!! Lol or know your limit stay with in it!! Or if you don’t play you can’t win… So you gotta okay to win .. You NEVER know ?!?!???

    Great pick tonight on rangers and Nashville !!!

  9. Ok so kevin is going with the underdog tonight and taking Florida , I on the other hand taking Winnipeg to Win.