NHL Picks for October 29th


A nice WINNER yesterday with our one and only UNDER play between the Blues/Flames.  Only 1 goal was scored throughout the first two periods and we comfortably fell under the total with an empty net goal making it a 3-1 final and Calgary win.

Before I get on with my NHL picks…. just a quick thank you to all my MLB followers.  We finished last night with another winner on the Cardinals and finished the season +51 UNITS – just amazing!  Congrats and thanks for following along and giving me support.

Ok back to NHL…

I am releasing a big card today with 6 picks, which is pretty rare for me, but I have found value in a lot of plays.

No write ups today.  I need to work on my NFL write ups, and I just got my new puppy (picture at the bottom under the picks)!

***Note: I have money across a variety of different betting sites.  If your bankroll is locked up at one or two sportsbooks be selective tonight and only take the picks you can get a line close to what I got.***

Washington Capitals @ Vancouver Canucks – CAPITALS TO WIN (+108)

(Note: I’m risking 1 unit to win 1.08 units)

Carolina Hurricanes @ Philadelphia Flyers – OVER 5.5 (-118)

(Note: I’m risking 1.18 units to win 1 unit)

New Jersey Devils @ Dallas Stars – UNDER 5 (-119)

(Note: I’m risking 1.19 units to win 1 unit)

Columbus Blue Jackets @ Chicago Blackhawks – OVER 5.5 (-105)

(Note: I’m risking 1.05 units to win 1 unit)

Detroit Red Wings @ Minnesota Wild – RED WINGS TO WIN (-140)

(Note: I’m risking 1.40 units to win 1 unit)

Winnipeg Jets @ Tampa Bay Lightning – LIGHTNING TO WIN (-160)

(Note: I’m risking 1.60 units to win 1 unit)

Good Luck tonight, and meet my new puppy Duke!


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  1. Hi Kevin !

    I played yesterday all 4 games and scored 4 out of 4

    Carolina-Chicago under 5.5
    Detroit-San Jose over 5.5
    Calgary-St louis under 5.5
    Colorado-Edmonton under 5.5

    And the last week i had like 90 procent score.
    I like to share my picks with you, and tell you how i think about games.. even i live in holland and dont watch nhl not often.. it seems i always know the result..

    I will let you know about what i think for today..

    Greetz John Anthony

  2. Congrats on your profits in baseball kev.

    Keep the winners in hockey going though!!!

    BOL wise guy

  3. Buffalo-Florida over 5.5
    NY islanders – sj sharks under 5.5
    phili-carolina over 5.5
    tampa-winnipeg over 5.5
    toronto – pens over 5.5

    The rest i post later

  4. dallas-Nj devils under 5.5
    minnesota-detroit over 5.5
    nashville-anaheim under 5.5
    chicago-columbus over 5.5
    van-washington over 5.5

    John Anthony ”One Million Dollar man”