NHL Picks or March 14th (No Pick)


Sorry for the late post today, but there was no need to rush into making a post.  I’ve been watching the lines in case there was any big changes that would give us some value today, but haven’t found anything.

Today there will be no NHL picks for Monday, March 14th.

Only 3 games on the board and I am not going to force a pick when I don’t see any value.  I will be preparing for tomorrow as we look to have an excellent week and get back after it.

Exciting news for me… I just got a new computer today (27″ iMac).  This will be my first time switching from Windows to a Mac, but I think I will love it from what I’ve heard.  My computer was about 3 years old and starting to slow down quite a bit and freeze up.  As you can see from the pic below the screen is a lot bigger than the 21″ screens I had been using before.  I’ve always had the dual monitor set up going (which helps with handicapping as you can have a lot of different windows open at a time) but not sure I will need to set up a 2nd monitor with this massive iMac.  Anyways doing research all night for tomorrow’s game so I can get us some winners. Have a good night.


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  1. Sweet desk! (and I guess the Mac too..:P)
    I like how the monitors are raised. I have 2×23″ myself, but that one looks huge.