No Pick for March 27th


First off lets talk last night…. 🙂

Game of the Month = WINNER!

We had the Sabres at a very generous -128 last night as our GOM play.  Ryan Miller posted the shutout and the Sabres went on to win 2-0.  Congrats to those who followed!

Our normal plays posted here also went 3-0!

Avalanche/Kings Under 5.5 = WINNER
Ducks to win (big dogs) = WINNER
Ducks/Blackhawks Under 5.5 = WINNER

By far the best night of the season so far with with the GOM winner + 3 for 3 which included a big +160 underdog.

Tonight I couldn’t find any plays I like, so I will be back Monday and ready to continue with more winners.  If you have any plays you like for today post them below in the comments.

Also wanted to note that I sent out the 6 PGA picks for this weekend to those who are signed up for the exclusive picks.  One of Steve’s picks was Laird at 38 to 1 and he is leading heading into Sunday!  Another one of his picks, 40 to 1 Bubba Watson, is T-3 heading into Sunday.  It is going to be a great day of golf for everyone who followed the picks 🙂

Talk to you guys tomorrow


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  1. Great evening. Helps to make up for some losses after upsets to Duke, Purdue, Pitt, BYU.

  2. YEAH! Martin Laird WON!

    After a rough 9 holes in round 4 he turned it around and shipped it!

    Thanks Kevin!

  3. Haha such an up and down day for Laird! Crazy finish there with the last couple holes!

    Awesome feeling hitting a 38 to 1 🙂

    Congrats to those who followed