Proline Predictions

A lot of Canadian residents like to play Proline, which is an Ontario government run online sports betting system. In Proline the bettor must choose 3 to 6 events in a parlay, and can choose to bet anywhere from $2 to $100. Proline sets odds, which are then multiplied with each other and the wager amount, just like a parlay.

While Proline can be a lot of fun to play, it is generally not profitable because of the odds given. As Proline is run to make money for the Ontario government, they tend to give out very bad odds on each game, making it very likely they will profit off of every bettor in the long run.

For example, if the odds on the Toronto Maple Leafs are set at 1.80 on Proline, they probably are set at around 2.10 at an NHL betting site. If you are looking to make money when betting on NHL hockey we recommend using an online sports betting site such as our favorite

Proline vs Online Sportsbook

Lets take a look at the difference between betting proline vs betting at an online sportsbook. Below is a ticket from August 29th, 2011 picking five MLB teams (did this during the NHL off season).

proline nhl payout

Now looking at this you can see there is a $165 difference between the winnings you would make online vs if you bet those three games with Proline. This a huge difference, that is definitely costing you money in the long run. Let me show you an example of the money you are losing out on.

Scenario – You bet a Proline ticket everyday, and win once every 10 days we will say. Using our example above, every time you win a proline you are missing out on $165.

Every month you are missing out on $495 extra money you could have in your pockets

Every year you are missing out on $5,940 extra money you could have in your pockets

If you bet on Proline for the next 5 years you are leaving $29,700 in profits on the table

As you can see there is a pretty big difference with the odds proline gives you and the odds you can get at online NHL betting site. These online sports betting sites (or online sportsbooks) are just like the sportsbooks you would find in Vegas. With a $20 minimum deposit, give it a shot and I am sure you will fall in love with the huge payouts. If you sign up at today you will receive an extra 10% of your first deposit in free money added to your account!

Proline Predictions:

At one point this page was dedicated to making proline predictions for the NHL, but instead you can check our main NHL Predictions homepage that will give you today’s picks (seriously though read our Proline vs Sportsbook argument above – you are losing out on money betting proline).
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