Puck Line Betting Explained

Money line betting and game total (over/under) betting are the most popular types of wagers in the NHL, but there is another type of betting that many NHL handicappers look at when placing their NHL bets – Puck Line Betting.

Puck Line Betting is similar to spread betting in the NFL, where one team is favored by a specific amount of points and must cover that amount in order for a bet on them to win. Check out the video I have made below where I explain NHL or hockey puckline betting.

Puck Line Betting Explained on YouTube

An NHL puckline will look like this:

Toronto Maple Leafs +1.5 (-175)
Ottawa Senators -1.5 (+155)

In this example you will see that the puckline is set at 1.5 goals. This is the standard puckline, and is what all NHL games will be set to. Sometimes betting sites will give you the option to choose from a puckline of 2.5 with the odds adjusted accordingly, but for the most part all Puck Line Betting is done with a 1.5 goal line set.

The favoured team will have a negative sign in front of the puckline, while the underdog team will have a positive side in front of their puckline.

In our example, the negative sign indicates that the Sens is favoured by 1.5 goals, and a bet placed on them would mean they would have to “cover” the 1.5 goals, or in other words win by 2 goals or more.

The positive sign indicates that the Leafs are an underdog of 1.5 goals. A bet placed on the Leafs on the puckline would mean the Leafs could either lose by one goal or win the game outright for a bet placed on them on the puckline to win.

In NHL Puck Line Betting the money line underdog is generally the “favourite” on the puckline, as they usually have a greater chance of losing the game by a single goal or winning the game outright than the favourite does of winning the game by two goals.

Make sure you are checking the odds associated with each puckline bet before placing your wager.

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